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Enterprise Strategy Group Tests & Validates BMC’s Cloud Management Platform

Shawn Jaques
by Shawn Jaques

You’ve heard a lot about the benefits of cloud computing and how it can help organizations improve agility, reduce capital costs, and move to a more efficient infrastructure.  At the same time, you may wonder if the claims made by vendors for solutions that manage the cloud are really true and whether your organization will see results that are sufficient enough to justify the investment.

To answer this question, BMC commissioned analyst firm ESG to perform a lab validation of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM), our cloud management platform solution. They used CLM to provision full-stack application environments, maintain security and compliance, and decommission cloud resources when they were no longer needed. Their results are published in a new paper with details about the benefits that they witnessed in their hands-on lab testing. We invite you to read the full report here, but in the meantime, here are some highlights.

Provisioning full stack environments. Developers are your innovators, quickly creating applications that allow your organization to be more responsive. Giving them quick access to full application development environments including integration with build tools, like Jenkins, helps developers be more productive and innovative.

  • To test this capability, ESG provisioned and deployed two cloud services, one in a public cloud and another in a data center in less than 10 minutes – all with full-process compliance, cost-transparency, and built-in monitoring! Yes, that’s minutes – not days, weeks, or even months. ESG also spoke with customers who consistently reported time savings in provisioning with CLM of more than 90%.

Security and compliance.  Let’s face it, you don’t want your cloud management platform to make it easier to deploy vulnerable cloud services that are easily compromised. Instead, the platform should be able to identify and fix vulnerabilities quickly and then make adjustments so that you provision only approved and compliant services.

  • ESG used CLM to deploy approved software stacks that fit within the guidelines of regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley or HIPAA. They also talked to BMC customers who used pre-built compliance and security checks that made verifying and reporting on vulnerabilities and compliance regulations simple and fast.

Reclaiming underutilized resources.  A big reason that the cloud can reduce costs (capital and operating) is that resources can be decommissioned when they aren’t being used.  No longer do you need to overprovision or dedicate hardware to certain systems for “just-in-case” capacity.  However, unless you actively decommission unused or underutilized cloud services, you won’t realize the cost benefits.

  • During testing, ESG observed CLM’s ability to automate previously manual processes and decommission resources so that customers can use resources more efficiently and reduce costs. ESG validated that CLM can enable automatic decommissioning at resource request time or through administrator actions. This greatly saves time and resources.

This report by ESG demonstrates how business users can achieve the same dynamic speed and ease of use and provisioning in their on-premise structured and controlled IT environment that they get from the public cloud. It offers guidance to help IT deliver innovative digital services quickly, while maintaining the controls and compliance needed. The report validates, through research and hands-on testing, the power of CLM. Read the report and discover how to get your IT organization in shape for the challenges ahead.

Cloud Lifecycle Management Evaluated

ESG Lab evaluated BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and found it highly effective for meeting enterprise demands for agility, security and manageability.
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Shawn Jaques

Shawn Jaques

Shawn Jaques is a Director of Marketing at BMC, driving marketing and content strategy and execution for Security Operations solutions. These solutions span the DevOps, SecOps, Cloud Management and IT Automation markets. Shawn has over 17 years in enterprise software at BMC and other organizations through a variety of roles including marketing, product management and strategy. Shawn has also been a strategy consultant and financial auditor for seven years and has an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and a BS from the University of Montana. He lives in Colorado and enjoys running, skiing, fly-fishing and other outdoor activities.