RemedyForce Cloud vs. ITSM Cloud wannabes

Maybe it would have been cool to be “cloud nine” on, but we’re even more excited to yell out “eight is great!” as the newest “Cloud” within the universe. Today BMC and announced the eighth and latest Cloud within the product portfolio, RemedyForce Cloud (the IT management cloud).

Over this past year many customers have told us that they were looking for an easy, powerful, and affordable IT Service Management solution. They said they were looking for more than just a service desk. That they wanted the promise and the advantages that a SaaS based solution would bring, but without the nightmares of dealing with a small startup company. And we’ve heard you describe the ideal platform encompassing the importance of flexibility, having the option to add functionality and to grow, as new business needs surface. yoda and obiwan.jpg

So we put everyone from and BMC in one room, gave them an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew Code Red and Hot Pockets, and emerged with RemedyForce Cloud, the seventh cloud in the “sky.”

For the industry, the impact is immediate; there are several other companies touting what they claim to be cloud-based ITSM Platform as a Service, and RemedyForce Cloud effectively calls them out. More importantly, for you, the impact can be realized whenever you are ready.

Something else in the cloud. Ho-hum, right?

It’s already a no-brainer that many IT services, including the hardware and software that support them, will ultimately move to the cloud. Gartner recently forecasted that data center requirements will shrink by as much as 60% by 2018 as services eventually migrate to external providers. As companies make the inevitable shift, they’ll be reluctant (and rightfully so) to do so without having the right management tools and partners, in place.

It wasn’t that long ago that enterprises were bit squarely in the “budget” (where it counts and hurts most) by server sprawl, and the nightmare of trying to just figure out what hardware they even had, let alone manage it.

More recently, the uptake of virtualization technology took the ability to reach out and touch the servers running in your datacenter out of the equation, further increasing the need for more robust IT management. What changes were made? How do we undo them?.

And now, cloud-based services add yet another dimension to the equation: services can be requested and consumed from anywhere. Data can be stored anywhere. Processing power can be bought at the exact moment it is needed, delivered from a third-party provider, and de-provisioned the instant it is no longer needed.

In short, if you blink, you’ve missed something, or more accurately, millions of something’s, in the datacenter.

Which is what many basic service management solutions do – they miss one (or more) components of true service management. The service desk is a great place to start, but by itself does not comprise the end-game. With such immense complexity, many smart companies are eager to dive head-first into the benefits of true ITSM, without the added time, cost, and learning curve of a lengthy implementation.

With so many choices in the market, what makes RemedyForce cloud attractive?

Accessibility and affordability are the two most immediate advantages. Since it’s hosted in the cloud, RemedyForce Cloud can be turned on instantly, and fully configured and operational in a fraction of the time of an on-premise implementation. And while an ITSM suite of this scale and scope might have previously been out of reach financially for many companies, SaaS delivery levels the playing field and brings enterprise ITSM into the fiscal reach of virtually any company that requires it.

The SaaS model effectively eliminates the costly upgrade cycle that keeps you from accessing the latest features. You’re always on the latest version, and you no longer have to worry about deploying new security patches and maintaining servers. When you can focus on getting the job done, not on why you can’t get the job done, you will be far more productive.

With RemedyForce Cloud, we leave nothing out. Just as revolutionized the CRM business – eventually tackling not only cloud-based sales force automation and contact management, but also customer service, social collaboration, and application development – this announcement will change the ITSM and IT SaaS landscape. BMC has led the ITSM industry for over 20 years with our Remedy IT Service Management suite. With RemedyForce Cloud the next iteration of both companies’ vision is putting in your hands a powerful yet easy-to-use suite of IT SaaS applications including:

  • Change management, to increase the speed and consistency with which you implement changes.
  • Knowledge management, to help service desk agents find solutions to incidents, and enable end-users to resolve their own issues.
  • Problem management, to minimize impact of IT incidents on the business, and prevent their recurrence.
  • A centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that stores data from across IT into a “single source of truth.”

The Force is All Around Us, RemedyForce that is

New ITSM tools learn you must…….. as there is power in this one

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