Patrick Debois on DevOps – Is DevOps at Risk From Vendor and Media Hype? (Part E)



The last question in our DevOps Leadership Series interview with Patrick is around a phenomenon all of us involved one way or another in the DevOps movement over the last few years have been watching closely. Like it or not, “DevOps” has become huge.


There’s a blitz of articles from analysts and media on “DevOps is the next big thing”. Today, most everybody’s a convert (or on a crusade against it, for some reason). And, of course, the vendor community with relabeling product . . . vendors suddenly have old products with new “DevOps suite” names — you know who you are — and then there’s the latest to jump on the bandwagon (“now with DevOps!”), the giant from Redmond.


So we asked Patrick about that. He gave a straight, customer-oriented answer.




Tom Parish:  Patrick, last question.  DevOps seems to be at risk from suffering from an overload of media and analyst noise, so do you think this is a danger to the organic growth and the adoption of DevOps?



Patrick Debois: Obviously you have watched it growing at an increasing rate. But some companies are just taking that term, re-branding          their processes or repositioning existing products


Will it be a danger?  



The difference is that this doesn’t just start from an institute or a company success – let’s coin the term and drive it through.  It has to grow from a bottom-up approach, which takes longer.  If a vendor uses that term and he doesn’t deliver, each person has to evaluate whether that was a good thing or not.






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