Pardon Our Dust: Transformation in (Full) Progress

BMC Engage 2014

BMC Engage 2014

As most BMC customers know, we’ve been hard at work for the past year or so transforming BMC’s business – in both subtle and substantial ways – to focus more on customer success, enabling IT and digital business transformation, and embracing the industry shifts to mobile, social, cloud and analytics.

When you’re in the middle of transformation, it’s a consuming “all in” endeavor. You rarely have time to stop and smell the roses. Thankfully, we had quality time last week at BMC Engage to share our progress with customers, partners and influencers – and reflect on how far we’ve come in 14 months as a newly private company with an energized management team and refreshed portfolio.

I’m excited to share that the market is taking notice. Forrester Research, Inc. published a new report this week entitled: “Quick Take: BMC Software – A New Company With A Well-Known Name” (October 21, 2014). The report analyzes the new BMC structure, products and leadership – and covers recent changes in the company and our portfolio. The report states that BMC “could change the enterprise management software market”:

“BMC is in a unique position, free of the Wall Street yoke, to prepare this transformation and truly innovate in the future management software market and leverage its considerable IP. The opportunity to take the lead is now.”

The report, written by analysts Eveline Oehrlich, John Rymer, Jonn Rakowski, Amy DeMartine and David Johnson, comes on the heels of our BMC Engage user conference, and analyzes several product announcements we made at the event – Remedy with Smart IT, Automation Passport, TrueSight and Smartflow – as well as our organizational transformation. Forrester reports that a “strong CEO might just be the secret” to linking BMC’s past, present and future:

“BMC’s CEO Bob Beauchamp has been with BMC since 1988.  His passion for the company showed during a general session with analysts where he described the journey of the company.”  

 The addition of new executives, and creation of my new role and team to ensure BMC customer success, clearly resonated with Forrester analysts:

“Both new executives and their respective teams are now measured and responsible for customer success. These executives’ main goal is to instill a culture of customer success across the entire company. Customer success should be owned by any and all BMC employees and its partners.”

We fully agree, and that’s why we’ve made it a focal point for our transformation. Re-investing in R&D is another driving force for the new BMC, and it was on full display last week with our “Living IT” initiative and enhanced product portfolio. Forrester specifically cited our work in the Remedy ITSM product family:

“Both MyIT and Remedy with Smart IT leave behind the old Remedy console and give users a much nicer interface that’s also fun to work with. As we see the adoption of self-service continuing, the MyIT solution is a good option for your technology management organization; the MyIT solution will allow your organization to change its reputation and reduce the existing friction and possible frustrations your employees have with technology management by enabling employees to help and serve themselves.”

Forrester also cites BMC’s automation and analytics technology, embodied in the new BMC TrueSight product family:

“BMC TrueSight combines multiple BMC products with new IT analytics capabilities to optimize service levels, reduce ownership costs and improve I&O’s productivity… Your previous investment in BMC’s products might just reach additional heights if you are ready to apply some of the new SmartFlow and analytics products that build on existing products.”

We appreciate the time that Forrester and other influencers have invested to track our progress as we reinvent and reinvigorate BMC. More importantly, we thank our tremendous customers and partners for their faith and loyalty during the change – and for contributing their insights, ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our products, services and operations.

BMC Engage was our first all-in user conference, and we’re excited to make it a premier annual event focused on IT and digital business transformation. As Forrester noted: “The event was BMC’s message to its customers, partners and analysts that it’s back.”

Yes, we are…

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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Paul Avenant

Paul Avenant

Paul Avenant is senior vice president and chief customer officer for BMC Software, Inc. He is responsible for driving customer success, including the end-to-end customer experience. Previously, Avenant served as senior vice president of Solutions, overseeing all product strategy and R&D for all product lines, including both distributed and mainframe computing. Prior to that, he was head of Solutions and Brand Management for the Enterprise Services Management group where he was responsible for product strategy, R&D, customer support, and marketing. Under his leadership, BMC Atrium was built and established as the service-driven architecture of BSM. Avenant joined BMC in 2004. He has 25 years of experience in network, systems, and service management, including nine years with Hewlett-Packard.