Overwhelming Amounts of Cloudiness

I’ve been struggling with how to do this update because there is SO much to update – so maybe I’ll do it by “reasons I’m excited”  So much more interesting than chronology.


Awards are fun! 


Particularly cloud awards. Last week at VMworld we gave 2 of our amazing customers – JDA Software, a supply-chain software company, and QTS, a national service provider, awards for innovation in cloud. I’ve spent a lot of time working with both JDA and QTS – and not only are their leaders brilliant and visionary, but their implementations of cloud are truly transformative.


For more from QTS – check out their Viewpoint thought leadership piece on picking a service provider

For more on JDA, check out their Viewpoint thought leadership piece on transforming your business with cloud


New Customers are Swell!


CompuCom, a Canadian service provider, announced their work with BMC Software and our cloud management solution last week. Welcome to the fold! I’m sure you’ll see far more about their clouds and success in the coming weeks and months!


I Fear Video Cameras!


After much badgering, I’ve taken to the silver screen. Or perhaps the small LCD screen. Check out my snippets on Cloud, our BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Solution, and the many capabilities within. The list of videos is at BMCtv


Well, that was a lot of excitement. Time for a coffee…

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