Options – WOW, what a Refreshing Idea?!

Whether you are buying a new car, a new home, or even IT management software, having choices is valuable. 

And if you are already a customer, isn’t it comforting to know that you also have choices? For instance: your choice to continue what you are already doing;  or the choice to try something else that might be an even better fit; or the option to add something new that you didn’t have before.


The BMC + Numara Bonus:


For example, if you already own Numara’s FootPrints or Track-It!, you can keep using the products that you already love, and simply know that you just inherited a new range of safe, proven directions– should you ever grow and  need to expand. 


That’s why the combination of BMC Software and Numara is so great for current Numara customers. BMC is committed to maintaining these great products and supporting them just as Numara has done.  BMC recognizes that customers love Numara.  In fact, customers like you helped Numara win the Service Desk Institute Supplier of the Year Award for 2011. We are committed to the roadmap for these products, and inspired by what we can do together as leaders in ITSM. You should expect some good things to come as talented Numara and BMC engineers start working together. (We can’t give specifics just yet!)


A quick tour of some options:


If you want to try something new, like network configuration management, BMC’s Network Automation will help you build on the configuration management that FootPrints provides for client devices and servers.  Same thing applies for BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, which expands the inventory management capabilities of FootPrints to discover over 32,000 applications, software configurations, and devices. Now do you get it? And don’t forget about BMC End User Experience Management, which gives you insight into the critical performance of web-based applications from the REAL end user perspective.  The combination extends the investment you already have in Numara products …  And each of them is easy to use with quick implementation, which means you get rapid time to value.


And last, but certainly not least:  SaaS:


We all know that SaaS is hotter than a $2 pistol on the Fourth of July right now.  But did you know that BMC has the fastest growing SaaS IT management solution in world?  It’s tailor-made for organizations that typically are between 500 and 5,000 employees in size.  It’s called Remedyforce and it includes the benefits of BMC’s 20 year leadership in IT Service Management and runs on the industry’s leading SaaS platform, force.com.  If you are a current Numara customer and interested in exploring what SaaS could mean for your organization, Remedyforce is a yet another great choice to consider.


BMC had a choice when we decided to expand our business and serve the needs of a wider range of IT management customers.  The choice of Numara was easy – great products and a great team.  As a customer, we believe you deserve the same – choice, and options.  WOW,  now that’s a refreshing idea from a market leader, isn’t it?

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