Optimized Infrastructure and Cost Has More to Do with Life Than with IT


One of the Digital Business Imperatives spooling out from all the change engulfing IT requires IT to deliver Optimized Infrastructure and Cost. But optimizing IT is nothing new – organizations have been trying to deliver this for decades, across all platforms and from mainframes to mobile to cloud. So what’s different now? That difference seems to be who is affected by optimization.

In the past, optimization efforts were inward-looking, frequently expressed as quality goals for IT. While some of those goals have evolved to reflect delivering better service to the organization’s customers, they still take an inside-out view, as seen from the IT perspective.

What is changing is that IT optimization more directly impacts the personal lives of individuals. Here are just a couple of examples:

  •  The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), working with Naval Research Lab, NASA and several universities, is designing an optimized infrastructure for the Earth Systems Prediction Capability – to create more accurate climate models and address life-impacting questions about climate change and weather forecasting. Read more about this effort here.
  • Hospitals are optimizing infrastructure to integrate medical records and medical test data, and make is available 24×7, to ensure medical professionals have immediate and up-to-date information which may be needed to make life-saving decisions.
  • Optimized infrastructure and cost enables knowing from 1,000 miles away that the special gift ordered for a special occasion is going to arrive when it needs to – and helps make the cost of getting it there on time affordable.

So IT might consider this: as we optimize the performance and cost of our infrastructure, how are we making someone’s life better? There probably are more ways that you think – and a lot more ways yet to come.

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Jay Lipovich

Jay Lipovich

G. Jay Lipovich is a Principal Product Manager for mainframe systems management and cost optimization at BMC Software. He has many years’ experience in the design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure and data management. This includes design strategy and performance evaluation for a mainframe hardware vendor; infrastructure performance consulting for industry and US government agencies; and design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure management solutions. He has published numerous articles in trade journals defining approaches to infrastructure performance management and cost optimization. Mr. Lipovich is ITIL Foundation and CDE certified.