On the Way to Cloud Automation

So you like the idea of fully automating Cloud provisiong, but are not ready to invest the time and money in jumping to that level.  There are alternatives that can deliver more automation benefits fromwhat you have or with smaller investment.


What automated actions would you launch in BMC Atrium Orchestrator from the server admin console of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation?   This new feature was released recentlly in version 8.1 of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation to reduce server admin workload as well as the number of different user interfaces a server admin has to leverage in executing tasks.  Any task automation workflows defined in BMC Atrium Orchestrator can be initiated to accomplish simple tasks, such as 360 ping test or query fro hardware information.  Or maybe more complex tasks may be of interest to you, such as adding a new server to a network load-balancer at the same time as the server provisioning job is created. 


Here is an example of how easy it is to select a BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow from the BMC BladeLogic Server Autoamtion console:




Many routine and repetitive tasks can be easily pre-defined in BMC Atrium Orchestrator to be called from this drop-down menu.  Only your imagination of how to reduce your manual efforts can lead you to exploit all the benefits available to your operations.  Putting this capability in place is not difficult, as it does not require the substantial projects you might expect for Change Managment process integration or Cloud Computing self-service provisioning.  However, this server adminstration productivity enhancement does utilze the same orchestration technology that is the foundation for orchestrating tasks in these more comprehensive processes.  You will not duplicate the costs of executing simpler workflows with this solution when the time comes to implement larger scale soluitions and you can still execute the simple task automation on the same orchestration platform supporting the grander functions.  Yet another option for incremental improvement of server configuration management you can choose on your roadmap to the next level of data center operations maturity – on the way to Cloud automation.


Maybe you have other ideas reagarding how to use this new feathre that would benefit your efficiency and effectiveness – maybe simple – maybe more comlex.  Tell me about them.

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