On a Dare: Connecting Cloud and the Royal Baby

Like so much of earth, I was eagerly watching the interwebs for news of the royal sprog last week. And boy did the Brits deliver – it’s not every day a kid gets heralded by someone actually reading from a scroll. Just as I was settling into the idea of King George (I was really hoping for James), my colleague, Jessica Walker – @jwm_80 – challenged me to a blog.



Now, I can’t let my reputation go down on the second challenge. The Sound of Music challenge was a good start, but I need a good run of a few blogs before I can declare any sort of victory. So, I had to take this on. Cloud and the Royal Baby. Go.


I suspect that for most CIOs and IT executives out there, cloud IS their Royal Baby. And here’s why:


  • A good rollout across the org actually takes 9 months. Sure, you’re a little bit cloudy in the first few months – you might even feel a little nausea through this period of great ambiguity. After all, you just got this started, and all the buzz can mess with your normal operations. But the truth is, most of your user base can’t tell you’re cloudy yet. It takes months to cultivate a nice, obvious cloud that is clearly going to change the way the business looks at you.
  • Sometimes, it feels like the paparazzi are everywhere. I’m willing to bet this cloud is the most interesting thing to happen in your IT shop in a while – so all eyes are trained on it, waiting to see it succeed or fail, or worse, create a fashion scandal. It’s hard to develop a good cloud under all those spotlights, so sometimes you may find it best to hide until parts of the project are complete.
  • Speculation is rampant – possibly betting.  I genuinely hope that your organization isn’t fraught with the same oddsmakers as tracked every aspect of the Royal Baby’s birth, dimensions, name, and gender. However, it’s more than likely that the gossip about your impending cloud is all over your organization – what will it be? will we like it? will it be fun and different, or just another bald Windsor ..?
  • Marketing is paramount. As with the Royal Baby name, branding of your cloud and selling it internally will become a big part of your life after it comes into the world. Most companies find they have a rather formidable internal marketing job to do, explaining the benefits of the cloud and use cases to a broad set of eager users, often the world over. So, repeat after me… George… Alexander… Louis…


Let’s face it – your cloud, like the Royal Baby, is the culmination of years of work, incredibly high expectations from a broad range of people, and [medical] science. While hundreds of organizations around the world set up clouds every day, your cloud is special to you because it’s the one that will change your life and rule your world for years to come.


Get out the commemorative coffee mugs and pose for the group photo… and let’s welcome your new cloud into the world!


So.. how’d I do?   Tweet any thoughts and dares to @lilacschoenbeck.

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