New Thoughts on Cloud: Read Kia Behnia’s Interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek

What is IT’s relationship to cloud? Adversarial? Neutral? Convivial? Dare we say, collaborative? With the right strategy and management approach, the cloud really can be IT’s ally.


Kia Behnia, BMC Senior Vice President and CTO, recently sat down with Bloomberg BusinessWeek to talk about “technology-agnostic” cloud management, the importance of IT empowerment, and how efficient use of the cloud can transform IT from a cost center into a business enabler.

Cloud offerings are aplenty, and enterprises have myriad choices when it comes to cloud service providers and cloud management technologies. Kia warns that, “if enterprises aren’t careful, they can make implementation choices that lock them into a single vendor or technology that might not be right for them three years down the road.” How can IT ensure it’s getting the cloud services it needs now while maintaining flexibility in virtualization and hardware down the line? Kia explains that BMC believes the best approach is to provide customers with one set of agnostic, universal tools:

“One of the unique things about BMC is that, unlike other vendors that can only manage their own technology stack, our management capabilities are ‘technology- agnostic’. It means our customers can pick whatever technologies they want in terms of virtualization and hardware, or different cloud providers, and we provide the means to manage all of it for them.”

When business users don’t get what they need from IT, they take matters into their own hands and problems such as shadow IT and loss of security and control ensue. IT needs to transition from being a ‘single source of services’ to more of a service broker model. As Kia explains in the article:

“Giving IT departments the ability to manage all their private and hybrid cloud deployments seamlessly (…) facilitates IT’s transition from thinking of itself as a source of services in possible competition with cloud service providers, to a model where IT is a digital service provider that happens to source the infrastructure and the technology from both inside and outside its four walls.

This, in turn, can change the discussion about IT being a cost center to a new recognition of IT bringing great value to a company’s business lines. Efficient use of the cloud raises IT’s profile as a business enabler in an organization; BMC has found that when IT is placed at the forefront of business, innovation flourishes.”

To see more about how the right cloud can take your organization from problem-solving to innovation-enabling, read the full story in the Sept. 30–Oct 6, 2013, Bloomberg Businessweek Special Advertising section, or learn more about how you can make the cloud your ally.

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Monica Brink

Monica Brink

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