New Podcast: What’s New in the Remedyforce Summer Release

Remedyforce is the BMC IT Service Management service, built on, the industry’s leading platformfor SaaS applications (trusted by more than 92,000 organizations today).

Join us as we talk with Chad Haftorson, Principal Product Manager for Remedyforce at BMC Software to find out what’s new in the latest  release of Remedyforce.



  • For those who aren’t familiar with Remedyforce, give us a brief overview?

  • Why use help desk software in the cloud? Why not just do things the way we’ve been doing them?

  • What is in this  new “Summer Edition” of RemedyForce?

  • What is particularly exciting about this release?

  • What have you been hearing from customers about Remedyforce?


“Customers say they can’t believe how easy it was to get this up and running, and how fast it was to start using Remedyforce” says Chad Haftorson.


Chad also had a chance to sit down with several customers at the recent Dreamforce11 conference.  You can view the video of this lively customer panel where they discuss an overview of what is in the Remedyforce product and how customers Ironbow, Lumen21, US Dept of Health and Human Services and  Pervasive Software.  Remedyforce panel.png


BMC also presented two customer appreciation awards to Lumen21 and Health and Human Services for both their success with the product as well as the involvement they have provided




Chad Haftorson is the Principal Product Manager for the Remedyforce offering at BMC Software.  Prior to BMC, Chad led product management and product marketing at Innotas, a leading provider of on-demand project portfolio management for IT. His background also includes product management, marketing, alliance management,and professional services at Mercury/HP and a variety of other software providers.


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