Using a New Concept: the DevOps Cycle

Since the acquisition of StreamStep by BMC, it’s been a very busy time for me and for the other StreamStep folks.


I’ve been lucky to be involved in a lot of hard, great, in-depth conversations with some solid Ops intelligentsia all in the same virtual room. And as these discussions unfolded, it became clear, I think, to all of us, that the whole DevOps movement actually has at its core something larger than ‘the Gap’ that exists between Dev and Ops.


If you’ll go back to the Leadership interview that began with Patrick Debois, he even kept pointing at it himself. He didn’t have or use a name for it. And it shows up elsewhere, like in James Turnbull’s comment on the DevOps Google groups that “uptime is not servers, or services, uptime is business.” There’s something underneath all of this, something deeper than a DevOps gap in application movement from Dev coding through to Ops production.


“I saw the term DevOps as collaboration, but in reality, this is a narrow definition.  It’s not just about development and operations collaborating, it’s getting every silo, every part of the business, of the enterprise and the organization collaborating to meet business goals.”

Patrick Debois,

DevOps Leadership Series

Feb 2012

DevOps is about the business, the business of producing applications, more than just Brooks’ book Mythical Man-Month‘s analogy about “transom effect” (as in, ‘tossing over the’) widened and deepened by Agile, cloud and multi-tier stacks. It’s more than that — but still DevOps. DevOps as mostly discussed to date, however, is about the gap.


So we hammered on it, made decks, threw it out, drew pictures, revisited it, pounded on it, tested it out with analysts and certain customers and got to something. I think we’ve got something here. Like any concept, it’s a mental tool for navigation, for clarity, for visibility, for accelerating use of your OODA loop.


Here’s Jody giving a quick 2 minute overview, hopefully worth your time:



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