MWC 2013: No big hit products, but that is a good thing for Enterprise Mobile

exhibition_4.jpgReflecting on this past weeks Mobile World Congress (the monster tradeshow of all things mobile) there was no blockbuster innovation or breakout product announcement. Sure there many new smartphones and tablets unveiled there, but none really captured the news cycle with any prominence. Does this mean innovation has plateaued in the mobile space? Maybe but this is actually good thing for enterprise mobile.


Reaching some sort of maturity of platforms and wrath of device choices is familiar territory for I.T. departments. In many ways smartphones and tablets now look a lot like the PC and desktop space: many makers with a laundry list of SKUs to meet virtually any user need.


At MWC there were phones in virtually every size from 4 inches to 8 inches from Samsung, HTC, Asus and others. Tablets also now come in form factor and price variety as well. Now is the perfect time for I.T. to look into getting corporate buying programs to offer their users a wide selection of devices.  With a multiple suppliers there is potential for some deep discounts as well.


Some may see this respite from innovation and the lack of MWC gadgets getting front page coverage in mainstream media as a bad sign. I see this “slowdown” as opportunity for mobile to spread within the enterprise and expect 2013 to be the first year where we see considerable corporate buying of devices.




– Image from GSMA/MWC Website.

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