Moving Past IT Friction and Survivor Mentality into a Thriving Digital Business Culture

 IT Friction with business is a dividing obstacle that prevents collaboration to achieve digital transformation, and to remain competitive

IT FrictionA recent IDC survey of 1,000+ business and IT professionals worldwide validates IT Friction as a dividing obstacle within an organization that prevents necessary collaboration for digital transformation. IT friction is damaging to an organization’s ability to move into the requirements for a digital strategy, and to remain competitive.

The data highlights a mismatch of expectations between IT services required by the business to stay competitive, and the IT services that are being budgeted for and provided. This friction has consequences to the business including the loss of operational efficiency, and contributing to lost revenue, loss of business to the competitor, or a loss of customers.

In today’s fast-paced, app-driven mobile and data world, the companies that need a plan to move past the friction are called “Survivors” and those who are following a plan for digital transformation are “Thrivers.” To learn how to be Thriver, read the IDC infobrief.


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