Mainframe Optimization: Your Performance Monitor Counts


One of your company’s most critical assets is its performance monitoring solution. Today’s consumers never sleep; they’re always connected and require rapid, unprecedented response times. As a result, digital workloads are extremely disruptive and highly complex.

Outages are no longer measured in hours because every second that your company’s mainframe data is unavailable, it costs your company money. In a recent mainframe trends survey, 39 percent of participants claimed they can’t tolerate a mainframe database outage greater than one minute.

Yet according to a recent Compuware survey, 63 percent of IT organizations are unaware of performance problems until calls come in to the help desk. (Note: It’s actually not a best practice to rely on your customers to monitor and report on your system performance.)

You don’t have to settle on a “good enough” performance monitor that might fail to report an outage.

This infographic illustrates what CIOs around the world are experiencing with their performance monitoring solutions and what BMC customers have achieved after switching to MainView for mainframe optimization and management.


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11th Annual Mainframe Survey Results

The 11th Annual Mainframe Survey explores the continued importance of the mainframe in companies of all types as a key platform for digital business.

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Alice Ma

Alice Ma

Alice Ma has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working with customers and IBM's Business Partners to architect solutions, develop, test, provide advanced support, and more. Her areas of expertise include problem determination, performance/tuning, recovery, data governance, auditing, encryption, and so on for DB2. Alice has contributed her technical knowledge to the development of IBM Watson and DB2 10.5 Certification. She has authored a Performance and Tuning Redbooks publication, guides, tech notes, and white papers.