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Mainframe Automation and Analytics – A Prescription to Control Your Budget and Sanity

Bronna Shapiro
by Bronna Shapiro

If your mainframe organization is like those in most enterprises, here’s what you may be experiencing this time of year.

  • Your company recently got a notice from IBM that your company’s monthly Mainframe License Charge (MLC) costs will go up another 4% in January – and those charges represent about 30% of a typical mainframe budget.
  • The workforce is changing. Many of mainframe experts have recently retired (and more will be) and their expertise and knowledge goes with them. A new generation of mainframe professionals have arrived on the scene and expect modern up to date interfaces, dashboards, automation for routine tasks, and mobile capabilities.
  • The same or sometimes lesser number of IT professionals are expected to do more work, and, with the growth of digital business there’s no relief in sight. Drinking additional caffeinated beverages may give a jolt of extra energy but not nearly enough to handle the increased workload and mind-numbing complexity.

Your company’s business is growing more complex and volatile due to digital engagement. You need a solution that provides the availability and performance needed to support your customers and that is also cost effective and easier to use.

The solution is mainframe automation and analytics powered by MainView Systems Management and Automation and Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise. Here’s what this powerful combination offers:

  • Controlling MLC costs – Implement dynamic capping and set limits on MSU consumption during peak 4HRA for maximum MLC savings while ensuring important workloads meet their SLAs.
  • Using a closed-loop approach – Take a closed-loop approach to problem detection and resolution. Dynamic analytics based thresholds alert you to problems before they impact your business and MainView’s intelligent proactive automation resolves the problem, ensuring availability and performance requirements are met. MainView’s code-less fill-in-the-blank automation (accessed from a modern user interface), is effective for both experienced and newer staff.
  • Increasing productivity – Intelligent automation and analytics solve problems quickly and automatically, while giving you the visibility needed to reduce costs and streamline CPU resources.

Register to attend this SHARE-sponsored webinar on September 25 from 2 pm to 3 pm EDT with BMC experts Ross Cochran and Barry Williams and get the details on The Top 3 Secrets for Exploiting Mainframe Automation and Analytics. They’ll discuss best practices for ensuring your mainframe runs with powerful automation, alerts, and analytics.

  • Learn about a closed-loop approach to problem detection and resolution.
  • See how automated, dynamic capping can save you money while reducing risk to business-critical work.
  • Discover how easy it can be to gain insight and use analytics to control drivers of high costs and model the impact of making changes.

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Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro has been involved in a variety of roles in the software industry ranging from systems programming to product and solutions marketing. At Candle Corporation (now a part of IBM) Bronna was in charge of product management for the operating system and subsystems solutions. At PROS, in Houston, TX, Bronna was the industry solution manager for high tech and led a team to determine the top pricing solutions that would benefit high tech manufacturing. Bronna graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Today, Bronna is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for MainView Systems Management at BMC Software.