Lockheed Martin aims for the sky with BMC Remedy

When it comes to building high performance aircraft, nobody is better at it than Lockheed Martin but gearing up to build the F35, one of the most advanced modern fighters, requires more than just a history of success. To keep Lockheed Martin’s manufacturing systems running at peak performance it takes a comprehensive understanding of the hardware and applications that support them and that’s where BMC comes into play.

“Our intention is to ensure that our manufacturing systems meet the uptime and performance requirements of the business” said Shridhar Sreekanth, systems engineering and architecture, technical operations , enterprise business services. “To do that we need tools that can identify all the elements in our environment, including the underlying hardware, the applications, and the dependencies between applications and the infrastructure they are hosted on.  We have to have that information so that when problems occur, we can resolve them quickly and prevent outages.”

To help Lockheed Martin get a handle on these resources they implemented BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database and BMC Discovery and Dependency Mapping.  These tools combined with BMC Remedy IT Service Management and BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management give Lockheed Martin the ability to not only understand what exists within the IT environment, but to also monitor the various engineering and manufacturing applications and issue alerts as soon as problems are detected.

“BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping have given us the ability to automatically discover all the applications that are running in our environment.  It identified which servers the applications are running on and shows us the interactions between the application and the infrastructure as well as the dependencies with respect to hardware, network components and other applications” Sreekanth said.

The team at Lockheed Martin has already used BMC to capture data on over 160 of the 1500 applications deployed, with the data on these applications being stored in the BMC Atrium CMDB, where it can be accessed by other tools.

The BMC discovery and BMC Atrium CMDB have set the stage for Lockheed Martin to move forward with proactive monitoring of their applications including their electronic work instruction (EWI) application which provided detail manufacturing steps to the people in the production line.  Proactively monitoring EWI is an important goal for the enterprise business services organization.

“An outage of an application like EWI could slow down manufacturing or even shut it down completely” Sreekanth said.  “It would cost us many thousands of dollars for every hour the application is down.”

Visibility into the complete IT environment is becoming increasingly important for Lockheed Martin as move forward with production of the F-35, and with the help of BMC solutions, they are one step closer to a true closed loop system where potential issues are resolved before they can shut down production.

“Everything ties back to the fact that the people supporting the business have to be aware of what systems are out there and what those systems are doing” Sreekanth commented “The BMC solutions are providing that awareness.  Their ease of use and rich functionality are enabling us to do a better job of meeting the demands of the business”

Go here to view short videos on Remedy ITSM, ADDM and ProactiveNet.

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