It’s 2016: Is your Mainframe Ready for the Digital Era?


Our world has changed. Our lives have changed. Today consumers can pay for items at a store without even opening their wallet, book a flight and never speak to a single person, and deposit a check in their checking account without leaving the comfort of their home. As we continue to embrace technology, our day-to-day lives will change and we will expect digital experiences to keep up. As more companies drive to provide the ultimate customer experience, what is the impact to your mainframe?


Today’s new technologically savvy consumer demands lightning fast, personalized services anywhere and anytime. This demand for personalized service has resulted in massive amounts of new and different data, with increased transaction levels that no longer follow the old traffic rules, creating peak transaction times when you least expect them. Outages are no longer measured in hours because every second that your company’s mainframe data is unavailable, it costs your company money.

Supporting these new digital business initiatives is crucial, but at what cost? Mainframes are at the heart of digital business workloads, with 70%–80% of the world’s corporate data on mainframes and 91% of new client-facing apps requiring IBM® z Systems™ servers to complete a transaction1. Mainframes can support up to 300 cyber Mondays2 and they are the workhorses that deliver what other architectures can only dream of achieving—ultimate system availability—but it comes at a high cost. Remember your monthly license charge (MLC) 4-hour rolling average (4HRA)?

Mainframes are the most cost-effective platforms when they are balanced and optimized, and the burden is on you to keep them that way because of relentless pressure to drive IT budgets down. Balancing your digital business requirements can be a tedious and daunting task.

To avoid disruption, your IT staff must be armed with a digital-ready performance management solution to satisfy “digital age” expectations for performance and availability, while reducing costs. IT organizations who adopt a new way of thinking—one that embraces next generation technology—will be the winners of the digital era.

Here are the must-have of this era:

  • Reduce mainframe total cost of ownership by 30% to 50% – Learn new solutions to analyze and manage your MLC and monitoring solutions (zIIPs)
  • Implement adaptive and intelligent automation – Proactively and automatically fix issues before performance and availability are affected
  • Increase system availability – Gain actionable intelligence and know what’s going on across your mainframe with your mission-critical workloads
  • Predict and optimize MLC costs – Gain insight on the impacts of your availability, performance, and cost before you deploy new services and applications

Learn how to tackle these digital business “must haves” and be a part of the digital future.

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Alice Ma

Alice Ma

Alice Ma has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working with customers and IBM's Business Partners to architect solutions, develop, test, provide advanced support, and more. Her areas of expertise include problem determination, performance/tuning, recovery, data governance, auditing, encryption, and so on for DB2. Alice has contributed her technical knowledge to the development of IBM Watson and DB2 10.5 Certification. She has authored a Performance and Tuning Redbooks publication, guides, tech notes, and white papers.