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IT Predictions for 2016: The Year of the (Even Bigger) Cloud

David Cramer
by David Cramer

As January kicks off and thoughts shift to the year ahead, we at BMC took an opportunity to reach out to the cloud influencer community to get a better glimpse at what 2016 has in store for IT and the cloud.

As we chatted with these evangelists, one thing became clear, growth and expansion are on everyone’s mind. From building out more data center capacity to expanding IoT sensor volume, this list of predictions, when taken collectively, offers a unique snapshot of what the cloud industry is thinking about, planning, expecting and hoping for in the year ahead.

I expect 2016 to be a big year for the adoption of enterprise cloud services. I’m tracking major data center construction by the largest cloud builders, including Google, Amazon and especially Microsoft, which is expanding its data center capacity on a scale that suggests a great deal of confidence about coming growth. I think we’ll also see more cloud services targeting specific industry verticals, especially healthcare.

Rich Miller

Rich Miller – @Tech_Journalism
Founder and Editor of Data Center Frontier


Everybody’s gone gaga for the Internet of Things (IoT). Except there is one problem: security. Putting sensors and controls into everything from dishwashers to stoplights, and putting all those gadgets on the Internet, is a hand-engraved invitation for hackers. This Death Star-sized security hole in the IoT has not gone unnoticed by cybersecurity vendors, of course. Hence, there are plenty of products either on or approaching the market to address various aspects of the IoT security conundrum. Our prediction: overall enterprise sentiment on IoT security will shift from too risky to do more than dabble, to we’ve got this covered, so full speed ahead. Security won’t be perfect, of course, and I’m sure there will continue to be breaches well past 2016. Expect the perennial risk vs. reward scales to finally shift from risk to reward.

Jason Bloomberg

Jason Bloomberg – @TheEbizWizard
President, Intellyx


More CEOs will announce bold company-wide digital transformation ventures, similar to GE Digital, in 2016. Hybrid cloud and enterprise mobility will form the foundation of these re-imagined core business models.

David H. Deans

David H. Deans – @dhdeans
Principal consultant, GeoActive Group


Now that enterprises have identified applications and data that can be created and deployed to a cloud, the next step for 2016 will be to expand the purview by bringing more types of apps and data into their cloud(s). Expect the pyramid of cloud-based apps and data to expand from context and commodity functions — like email and bulk-office apps — to core and custom applications, as well as strategic data. Furthermore, as many of the cloud early adopters make more of their businesses data-driven and more intelligent, a tipping point will occur in 2016 wherein they will be able to reap the rewards of the hard work and investment of collecting and cleansing their data, likely resulting in continued application investment.

Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner – @Dana_Gardner
Principal analyst, Interarbor Solutions


The cloud will continue to provide better and more secure services while those who use everything as a service (XaaS) will continue to miscalculate their cloud security responsibilities. Cloud providers make it eminently clear that cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and customer.  But far too many firms don’t appreciate this and don’t provide adequate security services and controls for the systems and application they deploy to the cloud. While firms transition to cloud services to reduce costs, they are simultaneously creating a new and increased attack surface. If those new attack surface areas are not considered, they will be left vulnerable.

Ben Rothke

Ben Rothke – @benrothke
Senior eGRC consultant, Nettitude Group

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David Cramer

David Cramer

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