IT Management – the Power behind Digital Transformation


The Power Behind Digital Transformation

I’m pretty sure that by now you are acutely aware of just how important IT management is to the success (or otherwise) of the new digital world. All of that shiny, miraculous technology and the new ways of working that come with it would grind to an ugly halt pretty quickly if people like you weren’t actively managing the related services.

Your newfound significance could be manifesting itself in a number of ways: maybe you’re seeing new kinds of requests, from different kinds of employees, about new kinds of machines that simply weren’t considered  “IT” before. Or maybe the work you do is suddenly of critical importance to people who paid little attention to your discipline—until the success of their department suddenly depended on it.

There’s no doubt that the priorities in IT management are shifting and a balance of new methods and traditional approaches needs to be struck in order to make sense of the sheer scale of the challenge you face. We put together this eBook to help you navigate what matters now in IT management and to give you some practical steps to take and areas to explore as you recalibrate to the digital enterprise.

Same game – New rules

As you successfully adapt to the changing operational environment, many of the activities and processes will be very familiar and retain many of their long-standing attributes, but there are new activities to undertake and new ways of thinking about the services you provide—for example: IT service management will continue to be of critical importance to delivering an effective interface between the consumers and providers of IT services, but the significance of the user experience has risen dramatically in line with expectations of the modern employee.

Similarly, IT automation is evolving from a set of helpful but separate tools focused on specific tasks, to a strategic and integrated approach that spans all aspects of IT management.

In the book, we’ve looked very carefully at the span of current and projected challenges you’re likely to face and have identified six strategic imperatives. We believe they form the most effective leverage points on which to focus your efforts. They are also intended to help build an approach that balances the new and innovative aspects of IT management with its more industrialized, time-honored aspects.

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Chris Rixon

Chris Rixon

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