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IT Experiences from the Consumer Space with @WSJ Clint Boulton

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Have you been watching the MyIT Google Hangout series on YouTube?

The latest video discussion welcomes the group to discuss trends including CIO involvement in consumerization and the state of IT.

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Participants in the Hangout include:

Chris Dancy @servicesphere, Office of CTO BMC Software
Clint Boulton  @ClintBoulton, Wall Street Journal, CIO journalist
David Williams  @Opsleuth, Office of the CTO, BMC Software
Jason Frye, @fryfrye, Senior Director, Office of the CTO BMC Software
Jennifer Brenner, @InnerBrenner, Lead Marketing Manager, BMC Software

Are we consumed with doing it right, or what isn’t right?
Consumerization of IT can go in many directions. With Apple blazing the trail, is the new Microsoft Tablet the awaited enterprise solution and ultimate answer for consumers? The consumer space of mobile technology is an ongoing battle with IT as “new and improved” tablets, software, apps and hardware enter the marketplace. We want a better consumer experience at work with system and devices.

What are the key driving factors?
While systems may be in place, Millennials and Digital Natives pushing for personal device use continue to be the hardest to direct towards corporate antiquated policies. Digital natives will communicate among themselves to find the work around— not go to IT.

Privacy issues also continue to be an issue with data access and tracking causing IT to focus on mobile devices being their challenge. The real IT challenge is to see how users are employing the technology to access, and then to find the ways to support the business.

What is the role of the media in involving and informing the CIO? 
CIOs care about applications and content, and there are a lot more applications and content available than devices. To succeed, the CIO needs to understand end-user behavior and focus on the ways the enterprise can use devices to drive content – not control over the device.

Trending coverage demonstrates that analysts are catering to CIO focused coverage with dialog concluding that the CIO is looking for help.  If we think that CIOS are having a hard time now… bigger challenges are looming.

Bottom Line?
The IT department should be doing a better job offering solutions for devices and focusing on data and security involved with mobile device management. Integration of devices will continue to be an IT challenge that must be resolved.

Watch the full video…

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