Integration Shouldn’t Be Marketing

Sometimes you see something and just can’t help but gush about it.  I submit to you exhibit A: in a speech by VMware CTO Steve Herrod, he states:

“In June when we launched vSphere 5, we announced something called the Cloud Infrastructure Suite.  And this is really more of a marketing term. Those of you know our products deeply know that they don’t fit as well together as they need to. Some of them have multiple databases, some don’t look the same, some install differently, and what I can’t stand that is Site Recovery Manager doesn’t currently work with vCloud Director, as several examples. So, what we are basically able to say is that we created and acquired companies and led to a lot of individual products, but they don’t work well enough together yet.”


Well, I have to give Mr. Herrod credit: he’s telling it like it is.  I certainly won’t attempt to argue the point that VMware’s products don’t integrate well enough.


VMware makes a great hypervisor infrastructure solution, one that has arguably changed the IT landscape forever.  But infrastructure vendors are historically not good sources for IT management solutions, and Mr. Herrod’s comments only reinforce this point.  He goes on to cite how VMware CTO Paul Maritz came from Microsoft, where integration of the Office suite changed the IT landscape, and how this same philosophy will result in better integrations from VMware.  However, I would draw more attention regarding Mr. Maritz’s heritage at Microsoft to the point that they have been unable to create thorough, competitive management solutions to go along with their own infrastructure platform.  To me, that is far more telling of the future of management solutions to come from VMware.


For IT management solutions, you need a platform-neutral IT management expert.  BMC is just that.  BMC invented the notion of Business Service Management in 2003, forever changing the landscape of IT Management.  And while VMware has been selling their not-much-more-than-marketing management offering, BMC has been selling a true, out-of-the-box cloud management solution.  It integrates (really, not just in marketing-speak) best-of-breed provisioning, configuration automation, change management, configuration management, compliance management, performance management and capacity management capabilities into a single solution, deployed from a single installer.  And it does so across a range of physical, virtual and external cloud platforms, freeing you from lock-in to any platform vendor, and therefore preserving price flexibility.


It’s real, it’s integrated, and the latest version has been shipping about as long as VMware’s marketing offering.

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