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IDC Sheds Light on the Mainframe Cost Optimization Reality

Shed Light on Reality of Mainframe Cost Optimization
Tom Vogel
by Tom Vogel
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Shed Light on Reality of Mainframe Cost Optimization

Tim Grieser of IDC has been a mainframe expert for some time. Recently, he was kind enough to answer some questions from BMC regarding mainframe cost challenges and best practices.

Tim points out that the mainframe plays a critical role in global commercial operations, and is increasingly instrumental to enterprises who are moving to digital business, where their customers can use mobile devices to do almost anything.

One of the biggest challenges, which Tim emphasizes, involves addressing monthly software license costs, and the lack of transparency for customers to understand what drives these costs. Implementing strong best practices for optimizing these costs is becoming more mainstream.

If you run a mainframe, be sure to read Tim’s answers to five key questions about these software costs and the reality of mainframe cost optimization in the IDC Analyst Connection paper Controlling Mainframe Monthly Licensed Software Costs: What’s the Best Approach?

Read the Q&A.

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