Top Cloud Blogs: My Favorite Cloud Bloggers

Anyone who knows me knows I like lists. Lots of lists. To-do lists of various styles, priority lists, shopping lists. One of my most beloved apps is TeuxDeux, a nice elegant list tool. So, of course, I have a list of cloud blogs and cloud bloggers I like – and I thought I’d share … and welcome feedback on what you believe are the best cloud blogs.


Really Smart People – these cloud blogs represent the greatest thinking from some really really bright folks who watch this industry and the market as a whole. I read their pieces because they never fail to make me think. Each has their own angle, their own perspective – and some are cloud, some are .. broader. But, all represent some of the best thinking on the interwebs.


Really Smart Analysts

James Staten, and, indeed, the broader Forrester team are some of the sharpest in the business. Check out his blog on cloud computing – and those of his peers, Dave Bartoletti, and Lauren Nelson.


Rob Enderle is an analyst of a different breed. Bigger focus. More industry-wide strategic thinking. Always thoughtful and well-written.


Industry watcher, technical evangelist, leading blogger – Ben Kepes may sit in New Zealand, but his thoughts are relevant around the world. Plus, he’s a really nice guy (but don’t tell him I said that)


Really Smart Practitioners

Lori MacVittie may live inside f5, but she has a much broader world view. Critical to the network, cloud and devOps world, Lori is both insightful and prolific.


Chris Hoff also jumps the line from blogger analyst and practitioner at Juniper. He’s got a security focus in a big, realistic, complex IT world – and a really healthy dose of snark. That combination makes his blog both informative and entertaining.


News Aggregators – a couple always help. To ensure you’re getting all the company news, etc. Two work well for me – CloudTweaks and CloudAve. You get a bit of repetition, but it’s worth it to be in the know.



Investments, VCs, and all things financial

No list is complete without a bit of industry/startup news – so, for that, I turn to Sandhill. Because, aren’t we all entrepreneurs at heart?



And.. for some light comic relief… a day in the cloud can always benefit from a little fun. and keep me going.


BMC’s Blogs

I can’t forget to include BMC Software’s own Cloud Blog and Viewpoint on Cloud.


What am I missing?

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