How to Embrace the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Wave with BSM

Today’s contribution comes from Eric Blum, chief technology officer, EMEA vice president, BMC Software  


At this point, there is little argument about the endorsement of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) by the business.

Social networking is growing as the way to collaborate at all levels of the extended enterprise. Mobility is the new route to higher productivity for employees. These two disruptive technologies — social and mobile — call for a new type of analytics, supported by big data. In addition, cloud — through fast, elastic provisioning of infrastructure, platform, and software as a service (SaaS) — gives immediate access to ready-made services for the business to consume, without CAPEX investments and with perceived low-entry points for value. SMAC is creating a wave of expectations and opportunities for business units that IT will not be able to stop.

These four innovations are challenging all established IT practices. However, they are doing so with an infrastructure that IT no longer builds, end-user touch points that IT no longer owns, and apps and services that IT no longer develops. Yet IT will remain accountable for four key areas of excellence: quality of service, financial performance, compliance, and security.

Therefore, maintaining the status quo of the governance and operating model is very challenging, unless you follow the principles below.

1. Increase Services Flexibility at the back end.

2. Focus on the Front End by putting the user at the center.

3. Embrace multi-channels, The App Store, and new Devops

4. Move from service support to Customer Care.

These principles are based on the Business Service Management (BSM) platform that simplifies and automates IT processes, improves decision-making, and orchestrates workflows across cloud, virtual, distributed, and mainframe resources.

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