How Social Is IT?

Despite the hoopla surrounding social media, it is often hard to apply the success of IT consumerism to the business world. An easy way to post pictures, chat with friends and RSVP to parties isn’t always what the help-desk team is looking for when battling outages and service requests.


Or is it?


In a recent article, Anthony Orr writes that one of the best way to serve a clientele who’ve grown accustomed to Facebook ease, Twitter speed and support is to leverage social media to deliver business services.


“Imagine that you are giving an important presentation and your audio-visual equipment crashes in the middle of the teleconference. You put in a help desk ticket and explain that this problem needs to be resolved immediately. The integration between a technology like Chatter and the service desk enables

an agent to engage the network of experts in the organization and have them collaborate in real-time with the end user to fix the problem. This coordinated effort drives a highly efficient and much speedier response to the problem.”


As director in BMC’s CTO office, the renowned ITIL expert also explorers the idea of KaaS.              


“Knowledge as a service means a radical shift in the way IT organizations think about IT support and services. By thinking about the support and provisioning of IT services as an exercise in knowledge and information management for decision support, IT teams can gain a fresh perspective.”


Read the full article here.

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Alf Abuhajleh

Alf Abuhajleh

Alf is an IT expert at BMC and the host of Alf's Zoo. Alf is focused on social, mobile and context-aware IT.