How are your customers handling ongoing cloud management and what services do you provide to support them?

Can you imagine Abraham Lincoln as a CIO? 


He is faced with business units on the left, his team on the right, and a recently launched hybrid cloud sitting in the middle. Lincoln now faces the challenge of meeting a growing list of business service SLAs with business units queuing up for more.  His team is beginning to understand that operating in a cloud environment has forever changed their interaction with the business. They need new processes, tools and enablement strategies to manage in this brave new world.


CIO Lincoln, being a realist and effective leader, knows he and his team have not walked this path before. He knows that few of his trusted advisors have the experience of dynamically managing and optimizing capacity in a hybrid cloud environment; even fewer have best practices to proactively monitor his heterogeneous solution. His team is loyal and capable but they need mentoring and the user community needs to be cost effectively trained to keep support costs under control.


This scenario isn’t a movie, TV reality show or an uncommon business situation.  Our Cloud Center of Excellence (composed of experts from across the consulting, education, product, and support teams) has the advantage of “having been there and done that.”  For the past 3 years, the Cloud COE has learned from their early stage “arrows in the back” and 1000’s of hours of taking the largest Cloud implementations on the journey from strategy to Day 2, what it takes to manage a viable, effective cloud environment.


The COE is constantly refining the Cloud consulting and education service offerings to align with changing environments and lessons learned.  The CIO and his trusty team can sit thru a two hour BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Executive Summary web based training, they can send their techies through the full set of BMC Cloud Certification courses and exams or they can select from a wide range of learning path that are designed to address the skills needed unique to roles on the team. 


The chief technology commander, surrounded by a team that has never traveled this cloud path before, can turn to the BMC Consulting Services to deliver advice and mentoring.  Our set of prescriptive service offerings generally starts with the BMC Cloud Solution Planning Workshop, which provides the roadmap that aligns IT, business, priorities, expectations, timelines, budgets and adoption plans. From this foundational work the next logical step will be based on the roadmap.  Customers might choose to implement an Express Cloud solution, or they may have decided that there is value in a pre-production Rapid Cloud Deployment, or are they are committed to jumping into full blown enterprise implementation.  The possibilities are somewhat endless, but a wise leader knows or needs to know what the team and the business can handle.


Cloud solutions should be flags of success that a CIO can wave to extend his tenure.  Get the right people to provide the right help, at the right time.

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