Got Apps? Manage ‘em smart. Keep users happy and apps healthy.

competitor.jpgKeeping up with your competition takes a lot of work. And to stay ahead of them, you need to keep your end users happy and your applications healthy.

  • You need to proactively detect and resolve performance issues for end users and across the full application infrastructure – before they impact your end users and your business. You simply can’t afford to have any blind spots into your critical applications or your end user experience.
  • And you can’t waste time and costly resources struggling to diagnose issues with the application or the infrastructure when they occur. The costs are just too high.
  • And last, but not least, you need a solution that is easy to use and manage, and that provides quick and clear value.


Enterprise Management Associates recently interviewed the CTO of a healthcare service provider who states

The BMC solution has delivered a huge benefit in terms of customer satisfaction. We’re actually getting ahead of problems and fixing them before the customer is impacted. And it’s also helping to seriously shorten MTTR times. Basically, it’s a night-and-day improvement.”

Describing the deployment, he claims


This was one case where the Proof of Concept just naturally evolved into a full production deployment. We really didn’t have to do much regarding the implementation after the Proof of Concept. It was basically up and running out of the gate.”

To learn more about how they’ve accomplished this feat, read this EMA report.

To learn more about BMC APM, go to Application Performance Management & Monitoring – BMC Software

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