Got Analytics?

Analytics offer data-driven business intelligence by revealing patterns in data and projecting future conditions via predictive modeling. IT operational analytics (ITOA) are emerging because companies increasingly rely on IT for revenue-producing services. ITOA is vital for managing IT environments that are complex, virtualized, dynamic, and distributed, including in clouds and third-party environments. ITOA allows services to be controlled from a fact-based business perspective. Performance management analytics offer visibility into IT environments to proactively resolve issues before they impact services and end-users. Capacity management analytics model future states for predictive capacity planning and provisioning.

As cited by images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJj4utNPt9BnxHX8oCYdRmKAR5j64pXewk6knQDs2AP73rFF7kGartner and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), BMC is a leading vendor of ITOA solutions.

BMC Performance and Availabilty is a set of modular, yet integrated offerings that provide unprecedented views into service delivery chains from data centers to users’ computers and mobile devices. Rather than react to issues, IT staff can gain predictive capabilities to ensure

both IT service levels and user expectations are met, no matter where users are located or how they access their services.

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