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Bronna Shapiro
by Bronna Shapiro
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Warning Signs Blog

The oft said phrase, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” makes sense, at least on the surface. To be more specific, why would you replace your existing mainframe network monitor that you are familiar with and is “good enough”? The answer: given the importance of the network for the digital economy, good enough just won’t cut it. An efficient, reliable, and secure network is a “must”. Finding, identifying, and fixing networking problems in a complex mainframe environment is challenging. Can good enough tools detect and fix the problems before business services suffer? Often, good enough tools mean you need to write automation code. This requires specialist knowledge, is subject to errors, and requires ongoing maintenance. The changing workforce, as well as the need to mitigate errors and costs, means that this model isn’t sustainable. Mainframe IT must be able to quickly roll out automation that is error-free, doesn’t require maintenance, and is easy for newer staff to use. Without that you cannot automatically resolve network issues proactively before they affect end users and the business. And moreover, the pressure to lower mainframe costs continues unabated, concerns over IP security are on the rise, and challenges to find the right personnel continue. Does it then make sense to rely on ‘good enough’ mainframe network management tools?

What if you could lower the cost of mainframe network management, mitigate security risks, and improve network performance and availability? What if that was provided in one comprehensive solution? MainView for Networks centralizes, unifies, and simplifies IP, SNA, and VTAM administration monitoring and management. It improves network reliability and lowers your mainframe and network monitoring costs. It provides rules-based, codeless automation that mitigates errors, costs less to run and doesn’t rely on specialist knowledge. Intelligent, proactive automation prevents network disruptions to digital business services. Exclusive technology paces TCP/IP traffic to prioritize critical jobs and ensure they are completed on time. It also includes unique out-of-the box alerts to potential IP intrusion by port scans or flood and automatically captures critical information before the intruder disappears. Exception reporting proactively identifies potential network issues and warns IT before users experience problems. Learn more.

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Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro has been involved in a variety of roles in the software industry ranging from systems programming to product and solutions marketing. At Candle Corporation (now a part of IBM) Bronna was in charge of product management for the operating system and subsystems solutions. At PROS, in Houston, TX, Bronna was the industry solution manager for high tech and led a team to determine the top pricing solutions that would benefit high tech manufacturing. Bronna graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Today, Bronna is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for MainView Systems Management at BMC Software.