Good Cloud and the Seven Bad Clouds

I can’t even communicate how excited I am for VMworld next week. Our booth will be enormous. Our cloud computing management demos will dazzle. And – we have an amazing booth theme this year.


Building off of last year’s Good Cloud/Bad Cloud theme, this year we decided to add nuance to the evil and introduce the 7 very bad clouds you are going to want to avoid:


Bloaty Cloud: No one wants a cloud that makes poor use of resources and costs far too much to maintain – and feed!

Patchy Cloud: If service quality is as clear as a TV with rabbit ears, your customers wont want to use your cloud.


Wacky Cloud: How can you operate something you can’t control? Wacky wreaks havoc on the order in your datacenter.

Shady Cloud: Let’s face it – an insecure cloud isn’t just bad, it’s scary – for you and your users.

Scrawny Cloud: No one needs a cloud that can’t support the weight of their business – no weaklings welcome!

Selfish Cloud: A snooty cloud that talks only to it’s own infrastructure does not foster collaboration and unity in the datacenter.

Rube GoldCloud: Perhaps my favorite of the bad clouds, this poor cloud is hacked together from so many misfit technologies that it’s bound to fail.


and of couse:

Good Cloud: A cloud your business can really count on.





Stop by the booth and see all these clouds in their own animated glory – their physical manifestations are too glorious to convey in words. Our graphics team tickled me pink!  Come see us in Booth #701 – and pick up a temporary Bad Cloud tattoo!

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