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We are interested any/all thoughts you may have in the following areas:

Cloud Mediation or Intermediation

Inter-Cloud Interoperability

Cloud Service Brokering

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud and Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Telecom Cloud: Migration of Telecom Infrastructure
into the Cloud

Next Generation Cloud Business Models

BYOD and the Personal Cloud in Enterprise IT

Cloud based Data as a Service (DaaS) Business

Cloud Peering and Communications

Cloud Standards and Interoperability

Fog Computing: Cloud Computing on the Edge

Future of Communications, Applications, Content,
and Commerce in the Cloud

Security and Privacy Management for Cloud

Convergence of Social, Mobility, Analytics and
Cloud (SMAC)

Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud and APIs (Telecom and Enterprise)

Integration of Cloud with Big Data, Internet of
Things, Social Media, and other areas


Fred Taylor
Fred [at] MindCommerce [dot] com