Gene Kim on DevOps – interview snippet 2: DevOps Is for All of IT



This is the second excerpt from the podcast with Gene. Gene is an articulate, passionate speaker and jedi master on things DevOps and these excerpts capture a few tidbits from his great podcast, which will be published soon. 



Tom: How is DevOps important to business from your perspective?

Gene Kim:  Yes, I think it’s very important.  One of your previous guests, who I’m a big fan of — Clyde Logue — said it really, really well.  And he said – and I love this, I wrote this down — he said “Agile helps Dev regain the trust of the business.” And I think what was left unsaid was that in many ways Agile left IT operations behind. 



So just for a variety of reasons, you know, IT operations is often the bottleneck for most organizations because all work will funnel from the ten, fifteen, developer groups into one IT operations group.  And so one of the side-effects of Agile helping development go faster is now we have more and more work piling up in IT operations.



Developers merely committing code into version control doesn’t achieve the goal.  You know, only when it’s in production and it’s delivering intended value to the customer, only then do you  have a shot at achieving the goal.



DevOps is as important as Agile was to development but DevOps is going to be important for all of IT.






More coming on Wednesday this week. In the next excerpt, Gene will talk about a study he did that showed the aggregate potential business value of DevOps of $3T. Yes, that’s trillion…

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