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From Antiquated to Automated in 45 Minutes – An IBM Sys Mag Webinar

Carolyn Henry
by Carolyn Henry
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In the age of digital business, data is the ultimate tool for creating a competitive advantage. As data volumes increase, demands on database management professionals also increase. It’s almost impossible to keep up with today, not to mention tomorrow. Advanced automation is the key to solving this problem. Learn how to truly automate your system with intelligent threshold-driven policies. Learn how to build business rules into your housekeeping and get out of the JCL generating game forever. Complicated? No, it can be done quickly and easily – let BMC show you how. Experts from BMC will walk you through an automation demo that will knock your socks off.

Learn what customers have experienced and how BMC’s intelligent, Next Generation Technology can help. Automatic checks sound good? Being able to confidently tell your Legal Department you are covered sound good? We think so. Join us and IBM Systems Magazine for this informative webinar on Wednesday, August 16th at 10 PT / Noon CT / 1 ET. It’s easy to register – just click here. Come learn something game changing.

During this webinar you will:

  1. Learn how to automate your data management system and achieve incredible time to value with BMC’s Next Generation Technology
  2. Watch BMC experts walk you through a demo of how to automate your system in 45 minutes or less
  3. See how to mold your utilities to your business needs to simplify complex data management processes with advanced automation

For more information on BMC’s Next Generation Technology for DB2, please see:

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About the author

Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for DB2 Solutions at BMC. Carolyn has 10+ years of experience in Software & Mainframe systems starting from her early years at IBM as a technical writer for DB2 and IMS Tools. She has experience in management, sales, enablement, and marketing with Enterprise Content Management and Data Management software ranging across structured and unstructured data. Most recently, Carolyn worked with the IBM Marketing teams on their partnership with Box and their Information Governance offerings.