Four Lessons Learned in Moving to the Cloud

Guest Post By David Savino, Chief Technology Officer, Column Technologies


Cloud computing, in its simplest form, provides a frame work for organizing data center improvement. Cloud reaches well beyond flashy,“nice-to-have” technologies. It’s based on the logical convergence of real and mature technologies, such as consolidation, automation, and virtualization. At the same time, however, cloud represents a revolutionary advance that requires far more from IT than simply putting a request console on the front end of a virtualization engine. Cloud success requires a cultural transformation of IT.


Column Technologies has been working closely with IT organizations to help them meet their objectives with this transformation.Through this involvement, we have gleaned four lessons based on real-world experience. These lessons can help you to avoid common pitfalls as you navigate your path to the cloud.


Our experiences come primarily from working with customers who are building on-premises, private clouds. These customers view the private cloud as a pathway to a hybrid cloud that combines private and public cloud services. The enterprises we have worked with want to understand the cultural transformation required for effective cloud computing.


They also want to master cloud technologies before they offload services to public cloud providers. That way, if something goes awry,they are not wholly dependent on an outsourcer to remedy the situation. Although the objectives of companies building private clouds typically differ from those building public clouds, the lessons apply to both;


  • Lesson 1: Keep It Simple
  • Lesson 2: Understand the Landscape
  • Lesson 3: Keep an Optimum Balance
  • Lesson 4: Discourage the “Free Lunch” Attitude


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About the Author

David Savino is the chief technology officer and one of the founders of Column Technologies. He presents Column’s vision of business centric IT to global customers across many vertical markets.  He has been instrumental in the development of many of Column’s strategic accounts and key to the growth of IT solution partnerships. Savino speaks often at industry events, where he champions IT process improvement and technology that works. He holds advanced certifications in networking, ITIL, and PRINCE2. He is currently leading Column’s cloud computing consultancy.


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