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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study of BMC Helix Remedy for Customers

Vidhya Srinivasan
by Vidhya Srinivasan
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According to a recent Forrester study, 3 trends – Cloud migration, containerization and evolution of Service Management – will help determine how well IT can meet the needs of the business and customers. By successfully addressing these trends, IT organizations can maximize the potential benefits of the cloud while moving beyond providing IT Service Management (ITSM). They can also transform their operations with cognitive capabilities, like chatbots and virtual agents, embedded into applications to improve productivity, reduce costs and resolution time, and deliver a variety of other capabilities. Forrester conducted a multistep approach to evaluate the impact of BMC Helix Remedy had on organizations. Interviewed companies realized gains in productivity, service and cost efficiencies among many other benefits. In the study, Forrester concluded that companies who invested in BMC Helix Remedy had an overall three-year an ROI of 304%.

Forrester additionally commented in the spotlight that customers deploying Helix Remedy have “additional flexibility that could potentially support future cloud and digital transformation initiatives:

  • Run Remedy in the organization’s choice of public cloud as well as enabling hybrid deployments via containerization.
  • Test and adopt machine learning and cognitive technologies to potentially further improve service desk operations and end user experience.
  • Flexibility to deploy broader enterprise service management capabilities and more easily integrate with internal third party, and BMC-provided technologies.

Market Trends: Cloud Migration, Containerization and Next Steps for Service Management

Forrester has identified that cloud migration is not only a key factor in Enterprise service management strategy but also multi-cloud and hybrid environments are “now the norm”. From an environment standpoint, Forrester indicates Containers can really help not only manage but also easily scale services that the Enterprise needs. Lastly, cognitive capabilities can help make service management more agile, quicker and accurate.
In this Forrester Spotlight, you’ll learn about the business benefits of Helix Remedy and discover how a TEI framework can be used to determine the savings that could apply to your enterprise. Here some highlights:

Before Helix Remedy:

Previous on-premise deployments the customers made often led to out-of-date versions. Organizations had significant capital expenditures for hardware. Ongoing systems administration efforts were extensive.

After Helix Remedy:

The customers in this study migrated to an “as-a-Service” model, reducing costs and the work involved with upgrades. They were also able to stay up-to-date with Remedy’s newest capabilities.

The study showed how the composite organization could expect to see the following results over 3 years, which equated to the Net Present Value savings of $1.8 million:

  • Use Helix Remedy to handle service requests and improve productivity by 30% by deflecting phone and email service requests to a self-service ticket portal.
  • Optimize the service desk by handling an increase in business while avoiding the need to hire additional tier 2 and 3 level staff.
  • Improve end-user productivity with an intuitive, mobile, self-service portal that reduced the time average users spend making and following up on tickets by 15 minutes per ticket.
  • Use the cloud to eliminate the need to purchase on-premise hardware when scaling up their service desk.

Customer Comments:

“It’s a more efficient procedure to resolve the tickets [with BMC Helix Remedy] . . . . There are portals to manuals for when they don’t know or remember how to access it, that helps us to solve more tickets automatically.” Director of service management, insurance “Your cost benefit comes from being on-demand. You are not paying for a tier 3 or tier 4 system administrator to keep your systems up and running as if you were on premises. BMC’s servers are up. They are doing their own upgrades.” Systems Administrator, healthcare

Are you ready to tackle these 3 trends cost? Read the TEI Spotlight by Forrester, BMC Helix Remedy Helped Customers Migrate to Cloud and Streamline Their Service Desks, and get the details.

Forrester Spotlight Report

BMC Helix Remedy Delivers Productivity, Service Efficiency, And Great ROI In The Cloud

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