Results Revealed: Future of Cloud Services, Obstacles & Success

In February 2012, BMC Software commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an in-depth survey including 327 enterprise infrastructure executives and architects with knowledge of their firm’s cloud strategies and challenges. The purpose was to evaluate the below hypothesis and provide recommendations to executives and architects considering their options.


The business and IT expect that cloud will solve many problems; however, we think that significant obstacles exist in the path to success.


Results from the survey revealed that use of public cloud services has become ubiquitous and that most firms are planning to run mission critical workloads on them. Driven by high expectations, 81% of survey respondents indicated that creating a holistic cloud strategy is a critical or high priority for the next 12 months.


However, the data also indicated that firms face significant hurdles as they attempt to deliver against these expectations.

For example:


• 50% percent run mission-critical workloads today in the unmanaged public cloud, regardless of policy. 

• 75% percent plan to run mission-critical workloads on unmanaged public cloud services in the next two years.

• 39% percent reported five or more virtual server pools, and 43% reported three or more hypervisor technologies.



The use of public cloud services has become ubiquitous and that most firms are planning to run mission critical workloads on them.


Business demands for easier, faster, and more flexible IT services are driving this behavior, and IT organizations can’t afford to respond sluggishly, even while pursuing simplification and cost reduction objectives. With cloud expectations high for both business and IT, it’s important to manage the process and ultimately deliver a strategy that is unified, responsive and transparent.


Before beginning the journey towards cloud, take time to read the entire report and findings.

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