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Five Ways to Know You’re Paying Too Much for Mainframe MLC

Tom Vogel
by Tom Vogel

Going to SHARE in Seattle on March 2nd? Let’s chat when you get there. For anyone out there in the mainframe world, you know the story. Each day at work, you probably hear one or more of the same five themes:

  • “We need to cut mainframe costs.”
  • “We need to improve productivity.”
  • “Let’s try XYZ to improve our SLA.”
  • “We need more people, but there’s no budget.”
  • “How do we make sure the business stays up 24×7?”

Truth is, your monthly license charge (MLC) software probably costs more than your people today. That was not always the case, but when the staff arrow declines and the annual costs rise, this is what happens. And it’s a good indication that you need to address out of control MLC expense. Here’s the list of ways you know your MLC is running amuck:

  • Your people cost you less than your MLC (annually). Pretty scary if that’s the case.
  • You spend more time trying to read an SCRT report or create spreadsheets than you spend on driving new business processes that increase revenue.
  • One or more DB2 or IMS systems are barely utilized, but are being charged at the peak MSU consumption rate. (Why does this happen???)
  • You burn time struggling with Workload Manager (WLM) and perhaps wrestle with soft capping strategies to reduce peaks. Very manual. Very intense. Need lots of coffee.
  • Your SQL performance tools and monitors cost you more in overhead than you spent in purchasing the tools. Wasn’t the point to bring the costs down? Ugh.


The SHARE agenda includes plenty of opportunities to learn how you can address these issues head-on. See us at booth 601. Also check out Compuware—we just announced a great technology partnership that integrates BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise® with Compuware Strobe™. When was the last time you heard about something like this between vendor mainframe management companies? Ah, well, it is all about you—the mainframe customer. It has to be. Or the platform won’t be financially viable.

Hope to see you at these sessions:


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Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel has enjoyed 25 years in the software industry, in various technical, marketing, and business development roles.
At IBM Corporation, Tom managed product launches for various database products on all platforms. Previously, Tom managed the marketing and communications for a host of middleware software packages, such as OpenTV interactive TV software. At Automation Anywhere in San Jose, Tom was the Director of the ERP Business, managing Business Development and Marketing for the company's rapidly growing ERP process automation and testing automation solutions. Tom is experienced in building customer and partner relationships, and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. Today, Tom is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for innovative mainframe cost optimization and data management offerings at BMC Software.