Exploring the Enterprise App Store: Join us live!

Exploring the Enterprise App Store: Join us live!

Quietly and gradually a revolution has occurred in the way applications are procured and owned within organizations. Like the proverbial frog slowly boiling in a pot, some businesses are coming to understand just how diverse their application population has stealthily become. More concerning is the fact that IT acknowledges how little control and visibility they really have over much of it.

No longer a luxury

It’s no surprise, then, that providing a viable and easy to use enterprise app store as an alternative to the plethora of unmanaged sources is one of the top priorities of many of the organizations I talk to.

I really hope you can join my colleague Warren Lynne and me on August 28th at 11am CDT (GMT -6) as we dig a little deeper into the trends driving many IT organizations to invest in building an enterprise app store.

We’ll show you how you can get better control of the whole app lifecycle from procurement through provisioning. We’ll also look at some of the concerns organizations share over the new risks mobile computing and BYOD bring and what you can do about them.


Keep it simple, keep it in one place

For an enterprise app store to really work and hold the attention of the modern employee, it has to be well laid out and incredibly easy to use. Oh, and by the way, you also have to make sure people can get immediate access anytime, anywhere!  Sure, isn’t that easy. 

Well it is with BMC Appzone.  In our webinar, we’ll explore the importance of accessibility and usability in building your app store. You’ll also discover the benefits that come from centrally managing a wide range of applications across multiple platforms in one consolidated system.

See BMC AppZone in action

A demo speaks a thousand words, so we’ll conclude the webinar with a look at BMC AppZone live. So what you waiting for? Register now and I’ll see you on August 28th at 11am CT (GMT -6) !




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David Manks

David Manks

David Manks, is Senior Director of Service Support products for BMC Software. David is responsible for driving the go to market strategy and key initiatives for the IT Service Management products and solutions within BMC.