Do you have a funny IT Help Desk story?


Is there something funny going on at your IT help desk?We’ve all heard the probably apocryphal story about a hapless employee calling the IT help desk and reporting “a faulty cup holder.” Apparently, they’d tried using their CD drive to hold their morning coffee, with predictable and messy results—or so the story goes.

Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t—but as you well know, strange and funny things really do take place on the helpdesk.

I actually did meet someone (who should have known better) who was genuinely concerned about catching a computer virus—in their defense, it was 1991.

I really did have to gently educate a senior executive that his new-fangled mouse would be much easier to use…and less confusing…if it were the right way up.

I also logged and investigated a problem relating to a total outage of our document-scanning workflow system. The root cause? A mobile phone, plugged in and charging in a socket normally occupied by an Oracle server.

The culprit turned out to be a very senior member of the IT leadership, who burst through the door loudly demanding to know “which one of you IDIOTS unplugged and moved my mobile phone?” Oh, the irony.

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Chris Rixon

Chris Rixon

Chris has worked in IT Operations Management technology since 1990, in roles spanning: IT helpdesk, software engineering, consulting, architecture, sales engineering and marketing. Chris joined the Remedy Corporation in 2000 and came to BMC during the acquisition in late 2002.