Digital Transformation & the Digital Economy with Bob Beauchamp

A pace of innovation that’s already blistering and set to accelerate, coupled with a ten-fold increase in the scale of technology infrastructure – it’s little wonder that IT is racing to reinvent what they do and how they do it. Welcome to the digital economy.

In this compelling five minute interview on Bloomberg TV, BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp lays out the real impact digital transformation is having on our customers and how they’re adapting to their new reality.

You’ll also get some revealing insight in what it means to be a technology vendor in this rapidly evolving business environment, as Bob describes how BMC itself is responding to the current and future demands of digital business.

Having space to innovate

“A 90 day cycle just wouldn’t have worked for us” says Bob as he describes how going private has given BMC the time and flexibility to drive real innovation and radical change. Interesting too, is how moving the planning horizon out from months to years has prompted an influx of new talent, attracted by the substantial long-term investments now possible in building cutting-edge solutions.  Watch the video and you’ll also get Bob’s take on why some vendors aren’t fairing so well.

Customer Centric vs. Customer Driven

Why did BMC hire a Chief Customer Officer and what do they do? During the interview Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson probes at BMC’s renewed focus on the customer and the new roles needed to deliver a better ownership experience in the digital economy. There’s also a very interesting discussion about the fine line between being customer-centric and customer-driven as Bob outlines the need to build products that are genuinely new and redefine the way work gets done.

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