DevOps Leadership w/Jason Bloomberg Exc#3: All Executives Need to ‘Get’ IT


In our interview with Gene Kim, we noted that COOs used to really know their business. Similar to how the Captain of a nuclear submarine in the US Navy by design and career path comes up and has to know every system in the ship he commands. (That’s still the case with the US Navy.)


Gene went so far as to say — and I strongly agree with him — any COO without an IT background in 10 years will be largely unemployable.  Jason takes it one step further… 


I’ve been warning for several years now: every business is in the IT business.


So what’s the future for other executives getting IT?


Jason Bloomberg:  I think Gene is right on track with that.  It’s not just COOs, either.  I mean, it’s really any executive.


If you look at most industries today – and it’s not every single industry, but if you look at most industries – let’s say banking, for example.  Well, what is banking – what are their widgets on their shelf?  It’s not the currency in the drawers.  It’s bits on the wire. 

Money is bits on the wire. Everything they’re doing is moving information and dealing with information.


And so the entire business, everything that banking involves is completely permeated by technology.  You can’t subtract the technology out.  It is a technology business. 

And so you have all these bankers who think of technology as just tools they can use and are missing the bigger picture of how technology is really what their business is all about.  When customers interact with their bank, they’re interacting with technology.  And they’re missing that point.


So you go from one – one industry to another, and it’s the same pattern.  […] We work a lot with the government, and the government – U.S. government has technology across the board.  Every single agency, what they’re trying to accomplish depends upon technology

The government is increasingly seeing itself as being in the role of collecting and disseminating information for citizens, and that becomes now the primary goal of government. 


It just depends on what information you’re talking about.


And the story keeps going.  So interesting to industry, it’s about information and how we deal with information and how the technology becomes the supporting – information technology is the supporting capability that makes 21st century business work.




Jason Bloomberg’s Summary page is here.

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