DevOps Leadership Series w/ Scott Ambler Exc#5: Future for DAD



It’s hard to predict the future. When I “got” DevOps, I knew it would be the future, whether or not the word for it, DevOps, made it. The need was too great, the issues too substantial. It was simply too obvious for anyone who has lived with modern infrastructure.


DAD is a much more designed thing than the DevOps movement, so we asked Scott what he thought might be in its future.



   My hope is that Disciplined Agile Delivery will take off.  I think there’s a lot of organizations that are really sort of struggling that understand how to do Agile within an Enterprise environment.

   I think Agile has done very well with these smaller, simpler situations but when companies start to roll that out across their organization and start trying to scale it to a more complex environment, you know some of the, the Scrum rhetoric starts to really fall apart.  And I think people have pretty much figured that out now, or are in the process of realizing that, “you know, we can really be doing better than how we are”.


    And I think, Disciplined Agile Delivery is going to be one of the better options. Of course, Disciplined Agile Delivery and Kanban and maybe one or two others.  But, I think Disciplined Agile Delivery’s going to do pretty well in the Enterprise space, which is as you know is fairly large.  So, I think there’s a pretty good, healthy future.


    We’re also doing things like trying to spin off the certificate of identification. We actually have to earn the certification. So I think that’s a healthy change for the Agile community, there’s been some very questionable certification efforts over the last few years.  There’s been some good ones, but also  some not so respectable ones.  We’ve just done a lot of damage.  But, anyway I think it’s got a healthy future.




Scott Ambler Leadership Series Summary is Here.

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