DevOps Leadership Series Mark Burgess Exc#6: Economics & Automation

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It’s hard to talk IT or Cloud or DevOps without at some point execs or managers discussing money. I think this is way off and reflects a lingering misunderstanding about cloud. I don’t think Cloud is being adopted by savvy purchasers simply because of immediate cost, it’s an amazing agility enabler.

A book like CLOUDONOMICS really lays it all out (a wonderful read and essential book). You need to own a copy of you’re going to talk Cloud, trust me.

Cloud raises a form of the outsource discussion never seems to go away. But what is the company out-sourcing?


Regardless of what business you’re in, you’re in the IT business, too. Cloud is an enabling technology at your disposal. Agile is a practice methodology that improves your responsiveness. It starts with the skills and focus you have on your people, what sort of team you built. I’ve written before that I’ll take a great team starting with a lousy product before starting with a great product and a lousy team because a great product exists as a creation for a specific day but a great team spans the days.

How about you?



Mark Burgess:  The tools are changing obviously and people’s attitudes have changed in so many things have happened.  I don’t think it’s probably fair to judge savvy or not, but it’s funny […] The Cloud, for example, made it initially quite cheap and easy to set up systems. And then of course as Cloud becomes popular, the price increases, lower supply than demand and other tools like configuration management make provisioning bare metal just as easy, and managing bare metal just as easy, and if you’ve got the hardware, then why not use it?


          And then there’s a cost of SysAdmins themselves.  Do you have the expertise in-house?  Or do you need to outsource it?


There are so many decisions to be made in IT management, so I believe that a lot of what people struggle with is the economics of that decision-making. Also, we’re clutching straws looking for the best approach and maybe this year, it’s very attractive, with the latest [deployment tooling … ] whatever it is that makes that kind of deployment easy.


And then next year a new Cloud comes out, that makes deployment even easier, through virtual means and then you get funny things fluctuate and wax and wane and I don’t know how to say what is savvy.


So I think we have to be a little bit Agile and adapt to what’s sort of going on around us and then of course the constraints that we have ourselves in our own organizations.



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