DevOps Leadership: Ryan Martens Ex#8: Who’s Agile

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I had Tom ask Ryan the standard question about Agile adoption, seeing as how his perspective is probably a bit less random survey-based and a bit more compelling than the analyst reviews on the topic. I mean, Rally is the leading vendor of Agile methodology software out there.


Agile (and its parent, Lean) is a massively influential approach to the business of software development. So, a brief snippet on Agile adoption from Ryan . . .




Tom:  What percent of large companies are really doing Agile?


Ryan Martens: That’s a tough question for me. You know, we see all kinds of things on industry analyst reports and that’s about the only way to assess the market. We certainly don’t spend a lot of time trying to get to that number specifically as much as how to serve a much more globally distributed, much larger organizations and building much more complicated software at scale has been kind of our never-ending pursuit.


To me, we see no bounds to where the lean and agile approaches can affect every piece of software building from medical to aerospace to mobile devices to web pieces.  It’s everywhere now and that’s the great part about this whole thing.  It’s the march to our entire industry being much more professional, being able to solve much harder problems, on a worldwide basis.  And that’s the great part about being in our industry right now.







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