Debunking six myths about the cloud

Today’s Viewpoint piece comes from Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,


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Myths abound about every new technology — in fact, in every aspect of life. Will an airport x-ray machine erase all of the images on  your digital camera’s memory card? Does a firewall really protect you from a virus? And don’t even get into what happens if you drink a soda and eat a certain popping candy at the same time.


Similarly, cloud computing challenges CIOs’ assumptions about everything, from what technology to run to how they should pay for it. Because it is so new, the cloud has spawned some myths that even the best CIOs might fall into believing.


So consider these 5 questions to ask about the cloud:   clouds-trees.jpg

  • What level of service do I really need? 
  • What level of service am I willing to pay for? 
  • Do the traditional SLA components apply? 
  • Do I need the same SLA for every service? 
  • How much reliability and durability are required for each service?

There are six areas where CIOs can change their thinking (or their processes) and realize substantial cost savings and greater agility.

To learn more about them, keep reading…

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