DCA or Cloud?

  On my last post I spoke about the importance of delegation capability to get value from DCA. We saw that one important point was the ability to segregate duties to be able to restrict people to only execute what they need to do. That is the first point for expert teams accept to delegate execution of tasks impacting the environment they’re managing.


  Successfully delegating task to even the requester itself doesn’t mean to just put the right credential on some content. People need to know that they’ve access to this content, they need to know they can directly execute it and how to execute. So you need to have a solution allowing people who creates the content to publish it to people who consumes the content. You typically need a solution with a service catalogue where publisher (the expert teams) could publish there offerings to the right audience and where consumer could access to the offering they need regarding their role in the company.


  Considering this and various post on this blog I need to ask a question: what are the main differentiators between a solution able to achieve DCA requirements and a solution able to achieve Cloud computing requirements?


Thanks to share your thoughts on this point.

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