IT Data Analytics Has Arrived (Part 2): TrueSight Delivers End-to-End IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)


In my previous post, I introduced TrueSight IT Data Analytics and how it can help customers analyze ultra-large volumes of IT data. Customers can install and configure IT Data Analytics within hours and start analyzing the data stacks with complete records of user, application, and machine behaviors.

In this post, I dive deeper into how the power of TrueSight IT Data Analytics is enhanced through its integration with TrueSight Operations Management. IT Data Analytics is specifically designed for IT operations and is an integral part of the BMC TrueSight platform. Factory-built integration with TrueSight’s monitoring, event, and service impact management components provides a powerful IT data analytics solution to optimize IT operations.

Broader, High-Quality Datasets = Better Insights

ITDA P2 imageData scientists like Anand Rajaraman have proven that bringing in more data outweighs the value of creating more sophisticated algorithms when measuring the overall value of data analytics results. This is especially true if the added datasets are independent and high-quality. TrueSight collects a wide breadth of data and applies behavior learning analytics (like dynamic baselining) and produce net-new high-quality datasets such as events and anomalies.

The benefits of powerful analysis within TrueSight IT Data Analytics is multiplied when it automatically pulls high-quality machine data – such as anomalies, change records, baseline metrics and events – and correlates it with log data. TrueSight empowers IT operations to detect root cause faster and proactively detect future issues.

TrueSight IT Data Analytics can be configured to automatically detect troublesome patterns and avoid failures. On detection, it automatically creates and sends events to TrueSight Operations Management. IT events from log data enrich events analysis and enhance probable cause analytics to significantly improve IT productivity.

Carrying Your Context = Better Workflow and Analysis

Raw data becomes increasingly useful by adding contextual data. Geo-location is a great example of contextual data used in mobile applications. Application/Service, user, data center, app-tier, and time/zone are common examples of contextual data in the IT world. An IT systems-focused context (What application is the source of the data? What time/zone or datacenters is it from? What errors or anomalies at the time? Which user is impacted?) helps to accurately represent and summarize the collected IT data .

TrueSight IT Data Analytics shares and maintains a common context between all datasets and TrueSight components, and facilitates context-aware search and analysis to gain actionable insights.

  • Detailed, easy to consume analysis of events and associated data.
  • Context based zoom in/out of search results for increased efficiency and accuracy of the analysis.
  • Contextual views of data that provide a holistic perspective.
  • Provides context driven effective workflows (e.g. launch in context from events management into TrueSight IT Data analytics).

End-to-End Platform = Lower Total Cost of Ownership

TrueSight provides a holistic monitoring and log analytics solution that significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • First step in the analytics process is data acquisition. BMC Truesight facilitates log and monitoring data collection through a single agent infrastructure.
  • TrueSight alleviates the cost and pain associated with multiple agents and simplifies operations with a built-in, centralized administration.
  • Provides a single repository for bringing in all relevant machine data.
  • Factory-built integrations eliminate the time and cost associated with stitching point product together.

Server-based Pricing = Predictable Pricing model

Like rest of the TrueSight modules, TrueSight IT Data Analytics is priced by the number of server endpoints.

  • Far more cost-effective compared to pricing by data consumed.
  • Pricing model offers cost predictability and control.
  • There are no penalties for bringing more data into the system.

In a nutshell, TrueSight offers a holistic platform with broad capabilities that are flexible enough to meet the needs of any business, modular enough to implement in stages, and extensible for business growth. With the addition of TrueSight IT Data Analytics, BMC offers deep, granular, log and machine data analytics correlated with event management, and tied to infrastructure and user monitoring. By bringing together all datasets, TrueSight provides a holistic picture of IT operations, not the snippets provided by point solutions. IT can hone in on the data that really matters and detect the digital-needles (troublesome patterns) in the IT data haystacks.

Gartner Analysts and VP of Research, Will Capelli, believes that IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) platforms with combinations of analysis engines and pattern discovery technologies will become the next version of the monitoring manager and the single pane-of-glass for IT operations management in general.

BMC has been offering analytics-based solutions for performance and availability for years. By including machine data analytics, factory-built integrations, and correlation of multiple datasets (unstructured and processed), TrueSight IT Data Analytics offers significant enhancements to an already robust platform through improved proactive-monitoring and problem-diagnostics. With TrueSight IT Data Analytics, BMC delivers on the promise of ITOA for today’s consumer.

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