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Customer Voices: Spark Ventures’ Remedyforce Adoption

Tami Casey
by Tami Casey

Pete Yates Spark VenturesSpark Ventures is creating fantastic new digital experiences for its customers in New Zealand, and it has set up a number of exciting new businesses from video-on-demand to WiFi and cloud computing that all provide savings and quality service to its customers. The BMC Beat recently set down with Peter Yates, head of operations and platform delivery to find out why they chose BMC Remedyforce.

What lead you to BMC Remedyforce?

We needed a solution that would help us manage and support the back-end infrastructure that powers our consumer and enterprise services. While we looked at a few options, we ultimately chose Remedyforce because we already had experience with BMC and knew they would be a strong partner. What’s more, we were already a Salesforce user, so the synergy between the two solutions was attractive.

From a business perspective, how has the solution helped you?

Remedyforce has empowered the Spark Ventures IT team with automation, standardization, and visibility to increase the speed, quality, and efficiency of the support it provides for revenue-generating businesses and services. We’ve got a strong foundation now, and it will enable the team to scale its support as the business grows without adding headcount.

What was the most surprising?

One thing that struck me was how hard it was for my team to show our value to the business. We provided much-needed services, but it was hard to quantify. Now, with the reporting in Remedyforce, I can easily show the number of issues logged and resolved and also spot trends and make adjustments. sparkventureslogo

Do you have any key learnings to share with other Remedyforce users?

The approach I took when rolling out Remedyforce was to start with the basics:

  • Do the upfront work to fill in the workbook with as much detail as possible. It’s a standard approach, but the more you put into it, the easier it is for the person configuring the solution to implement, and it ultimately enhances usability for the users.
  • Get the technical staff using the implementation first. They become your test bed, and you can make adjustments based on their feedback. Then roll it out to the other customers.

Another key learning was to leverage the BMC Communities. One of the benefits of going with BMC is that they have a large group of active users on the BMC Communities site. It’s a wealth of information. For example, when I asked the community what solutions they’ve integrated with Remedyforce, I was amazed by the response. There were several integrations that I hadn’t thought about before. I highly recommend leveraging the communities.

What’s next for Spark Ventures Remedyforce team?

We have taken steps towards self-service with Remedyforce. Previously, when a user sent in an issue, they would do so by email, and then someone on my team had to log it manually into the service request system. Now, we give users access to the portal, and they enter the issues directly, this saves a lot of time. We are looking to add more self-service functions in the future such as a knowledge base and the ability to view the status of previously submitted incidents. And, we are investigating MyIT to further improve how our customers interact with IT.

Read the case study to learn more about how Spark Ventures delivers fast VOD and WiFi to delight bandwidth hungry New Zealand digital consumers.


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