Countdown to Cloud: What it Really Takes to be Cloud-Ready, Podcast with Mark Settle

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“As, frankly, our workforces become more virtualized, as our infrastructure has become more virtualized, data emerges as the fundamental form of equity within the IT shop,” says Mark Settle

According to Mark Settle, Chief Information Officer at BMC Software, when it comes to  cloud computing “fully adopted” is a polite way of referencing the “feeding frenzy” that has occurred over the past two years, as vendors of every stripe and description have linked their value propositions to the cloud computing bandwagon. Join us as we talk with Mark and find out what it really means for an IT organization to be Cloud Ready.



Mark  Settle is the Chief Information Officer at BMC Software. Mark joined  BMC in June 2008. He has served as the CIO of four Fortune 300  companies: Corporate Express, Arrow Electronics, Visa International, and  Occidental Petroleum. He is a former Air Force officer and NASA Program  Scientist.


  1. Recently the Cloud2 Commission report was released Let’s talk about that; what is it? why is there so much buzz about it?
  2. The Cloud2 report gave some recommendations for overcoming barriers to adopting cloud in both government agencies and the private sector. What do you see as some of the key considerations to becoming cloud-ready? How do your recommendations align with or diverge from the Cloud2 recommendations?
  3. The Cloud2 report  also stated that  “Cloud computing is the natural evolution of IT, and it will continue to evolve. Similarly, enabling trust in the cloud is an evolution.” What are keys to enabling trust in the cloud?
  4. In your recent BMC Industry Insight, “Countdown to Cloud, What it Really Takes to be Cloud-Ready,” you list several “steps” or conditions for a company to truly be cloud ready. Are there any of those conditions that you feel are more important or significant than others?
  5. The Cloud2 report talks about transparency by cloud vendors, ensuring customers maintain control over the performance of their systems and access to their data while still realizing the cost, efficiency, and scalability advantages of cloud computing. What will it take to get the industry to that point?
  6. I thought you made an interesting point at the end of your Countdown to Cloud paper that the IT industry has arrived at a historic crossroads. Do you have more to say about what those crossroads are?



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